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Werewolf (Party Game) is one of those games that most people have played at some point in their lives while hanging out with friends. This game, known by different names in different parts of the world, lets you get in on the fun even when you're home alone.

The gameplay in Werewolf (Party Game) is the same as usual: a couple of the players are wolves and everybody else has to find out who they are. To do it you've got to interact in turns with everybody to rule out who you think is probably innocent and find the two wolves. The wolves win if they destroy all the villagers. The rounds are split between day and night, during which the wolves can attack without anyone seeing them. When the villagers open their eyes they'll see who among them has fallen, increasing their likelihood of discovering the wolves but giving them a tighter margin of time to do it.

This fun game is played online with participants from all over the world in rooms of up to 12 players. Use the chat to communicate with them and give fake leads to hide your wolf status when the time comes in frenetic rounds where anything can happen.
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